The Shillington Business Association is volunteer organization that relies on its members for support and growth. This is accomplished through membership dues, event sponsorships, and voluntarism. Serving on a committee is a great way to help the SBA increase its impact on residents and the business community. A little bit of your time can also reap big rewards – making new friends and business contacts. Our committees are the building blocks of the organization, and we are looking for your ideas and any level of participation possible!

Events Committee

This group of volunteers consists of anyone who has interest in a specific event (such as the Car Cruise) or a willingness to help with a variety of events depending on the individual’s availability. As we continue to increase the size and number of our activities, we will take any assistance we can get! Our ongoing events include the Fishing Rodeo, the Annual Car Cruise, the Holiday Tree Lighting, and our Membership Mixers. Contact Kevin Kauffman (610-340-4841) for more information.

Membership Committee

Our membership continues to increase and has the potential for much more growth. A few volunteers are needed to follow up with potential members who have requested information about joining the SBA. Duties may also include reaching out to new businesses, raising awareness to existing businesses, and touching base with existing members. For more information, contact George Spanier (484-624-2707).

Fundraising Committee

Raising money to fund our activities and our gifts back to the community is very important. Volunteers on this committee develop ideas for new fundraisers, put their plans into action, and promote ticket sales and keep track of distribution and payments. We are always looking for new ways to raise funds while keeping business within the Mifflin Area! So if you are interested in helping with any part of any current or future fundraiser, please contact Lois Kissinger (610-796-0487).

Media Committee

Advertisement of the SBA, its function in the greater Mifflin area, and the benefits it provides local businesses is the primary goal of the media committee. They handle the SBA’s web presence, Facebook page, and the printing and distribution of the member directory.  If you are interested in helping out in any of these areas, please contact Kevin Kauffman (610-340-4841).